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Blinkist, Read a Book in 15 minutes


With a full schedule at work sprinkled with school, family and friends, it’s sometimes challenging to sit down to read a good book or to learn new skills. I personally try to squeeze in some reading/learning time when I’m in transit and during lunch breaks but, it’s not always optimal. Either I get distracted by loud passengers on the train or interrupted with urgent matters at the office. When it’s the end of a long day, I’m often too tired to use my brain cells and weekends go by way too fast when binging a good show on Netflix. (Definitely guilty and a little bit too often!)

When I saw a sponsored ad in my Instagram feed for Blinkist, I was intrigued. “2,500 titles of the world’s best nonfiction, distilling them into key insight summaries you can read in 15 minutes.” It didn’t take more than that to convince me to download the app to see what it was all about.

The Blinkist app gives access to the summary of thousands of nonfiction books, whether you’re looking to improve your time management skills or be more mindful in your every day life. You can’t actually read entire texts from this app so it’s perfect if you simply want a quick breakdown of the book and its key ideas in a 15-minute-ish read or audio. If you log onto the Blinkist website, it can redirect you to Amazon to purchase the book or have the summary sent directly to your Kindle.

To fully enjoy the app, a Premium subscription is a must; you can’t really do much without it. Before committing, you do get a free 7-day trial to see if you like the app or not. I recommend taking advantage of the trial period to evaluate your needs and if it’s worth it for you to invest your money. On a monthly basis, the app costs $15.99 CAD.  The yearly subscription comes up to $109.99 CAD, the equivalent of $9.17 a month. It’s definitely not cheap. A free membership gives you one free daily read and audio, and lets you browse the different titles that are available to Premium subscribers only.

The Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Clean design
  • Wide selection of +2,500 titles (and new ones are added every week)
  • Provides synopsis, who should read it and short bio of the author.
  • Curated list of readings
  • Keeps track of current and finished readings
  • Connects with Kindle and Evernote
  • Easy cancellation
The Cons
  • Must have Premium Membership
  • One free daily read available to Basic Subscribers
  • Cannot purchase book from the app
  • Cannot send summary to Kindle from the app

I like the idea behind this app. Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to go through all the fluff of a self-help book and just want to get straight to the point. The only downside is that not everyone is ready to dish out an entire yearly subscription right away; I would much rather have $9 deducted monthly than paying $110 on the spot.

It’s a great app to help you keep learning new things and improve yourself whether it’s for work or for your personal life. I personally am not ready for that kind of (costly) commitment.

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