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When starting a new job, the most important thing (in the first three months) is to evaluate whether the gig is the right fit in your career path. Do you like the company’s culture? Do you believe in their mission? Are your responsibilities right for your set of skills? Is there room for growth? What will you be gaining when it comes to experience?

While you assess all of that, the SECOND most important thing is to identify all of the coffee spots in the area because let’s be honest, office coffee might be free but it’s not as good as the ones prepared by a passionate barista. Luckily, the one I discovered and fell in love with is not too far from my office. It’s right across the street!

I first heard of Monopole some time after the holidays. I had bumped into my friend G whom I haven’t seen in ages and we were looking for a place to catch up. We didn’t end up going to Monopole because it was closed for the holidays but the café et buvette caught my attention.

I went for the first time for lunch with a colleague and it was love at first sight. It was busy but not suffocating. We sat at a long table shared with two other customers. Its location was a bit awkward as there was a concrete column right at the end of the table which made it rather difficult to get to the bench to sit down. But once you use your yoga skills to get over that obstacle, it’s all good.

Credit: Monopole Café

We had a salad and a salmon tartare, and it was perfect in every way. The ingredients used complemented each other, the taste was spot on and the portions were just right. I didn’t leave feeling famished (you know how it is with trendy places these days) nor did I feel like I needed to fall into a food coma the rest of the afternoon. I wish I had taken a few seconds to Instagram that moment but it will have to be for another time. For now, you can enjoy a nice picture from their Instagram and Facebook page of their different toasts.

When it comes to their coffee, it keeps your warm and happy. I haven’t had a chance to actually sit down to enjoy a cup but having their cappuccino at my desk transports me to a better place, away from Excel spreadsheets, emails and Outlook calendars.

As the barista finished my last order last week, I had to take advantage of my break and snap a picture for my IG feed. She said the cutest thing when she saw me position the cups and the business card, trying to get the right angle: “Oh, I could have made them so much prettier for your picture!”

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a quick morning coffee or drinks after work, Monopole is my place as well as my colleagues’. Mind blowing food, excellent coffee…and the staff is pretty awesome.

Where do you go for your dose of caffeine?

782 Wellington Street
Montreal, QC  H3C 1T7

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