Frank Body, a Coffee-based Skincare Review

Warning: May contain nuts! Really!

Sweet Cheeks Bundle“Coffee-based skincare that rubs you the right way.” – Frank Body

If that doesn’t catch your attention, try navigating Frank Body’s website or swipe through their pictures on Instagram!

In early May, I had written about my impression of my first Frank Body order (click here to read the unboxing). I was convinced by my friend S to give this Australian beauty brand a try because the cold weather in Montreal had left my skin unpleasantly dry. Normally, this type of topic doesn’t quite belong on my blog but since the complete product line is coffee-based, I made it an acceptable exception. It IS coffee after all.

Before beginning my new beauty regiment trial, I had one concern: will these products have an overpowering artificial coffee scent? Pleasantly, Frank Body was “brewed” just right. So far, so good!

The Grind High Club

The Grind High ClubCurrently sold out, this special and limited edition bundle of four coffee scrubs is ideal for those that want to try the different scents before ordering the full-size: peppermint, coconut, cacao and original. These minis are also perfect to carry on vacation or perhaps to a sleep over ;) The coffee grounds are packaged in re-sealable paper packets with a waterproof lining that allows you to leave them in the shower without any worries. Though they are meant for single uses, I was able to stretch it out to 3 to 4 uses per packet.

I saw a difference in the texture of my skin immediately. My body was smooth, every inches from my heels to my elbows. I thought to myself “Good heavens! Even my homemade olive oil and brown sugar scrub never left me this soft.” Not to sound completely perverted but I couldn’t stop caressing my…skin.

At the end, it all came down to personal preferences with how the coffee scrubs smelled like. Even though all four technically have different properties y favourite would be either the original coffee scrub or the peppermint one. The smell of the latter wasn’t as imposing as I thought it would be (which was perfect) and I prefer the coffee freshness over the sweetness of the cacao or coconut.

S had warned me about the mess after a good scrub. Luckily, everything washes away very well and doesn’t leave the bath tub greasy and slippery.

Sweet Cheeks Bundle

This face-bundle definitely deserves its name. Aside from leaving my face at its softest (ever), the gentle smell of the ingredients used in the Creamy Face Scrub, Creamy Face Cleanser and Everyday Moisturizer simply feel refreshing and natural. I’ve been looking forward to cleaning my face at the end of each day because of this and also every morning before starting my day.

The pump used for the Creamy Face Cleanser dispenses a very small amount of product at a time. I used 3 to 4 pumps the first few times but a single pump is actually enough. This “portion” control is great since I tend to use too much product at a time. However, you may need to repeat a few times if you have makeup on.

The Creamy Face Scrub felt a bit rough and grainy at first but the more I used it, the more I loved it. Not only did it leave my skin so soft, the smell is delicious. When I use it first thing in the morning, it helps me wake up before my cup of joe. Of course, I only used it every 2-3 days since too much scrubbing can damage your skin.

Last but not least, the Everyday Moisturizer is the treat that completes the softer skin routine. After a good cleansing and/or exfoliating, I only use a small amount to hydrate my skin. Since it does not contain any SPF, I apply the moisturizer at night only or when I lock myself indoors with a book.

Brew Me Some More

Aside from the coffee scrubs in cacao and coconut smelling too sweet to my liking and the Everyday Moisturizer not containing any SPF for daytime application, I absolutely love every products I ordered. I’m already eager to place my second order to try the rest of Frank Body’s products.

I was already sold on the packaging because it is absolutely adorable. But there’s more to a product than its packaging, right? After using everything for close to two months, I was beginning to think whether my addiction to coffee drinking had anything to do with my love for everything Frank Body at the moment. Coffee-based, vegan, cruelty-free and good for your skin…How can anyone not love this brand? #letsbefrank

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