“Unboxing” Frank Body

Sweet Cheeks Bundle

When you live in Montreal, one of the few things that you need to get used to is the weather. Though it’s winter (or feels like it) practically six month out of the year, sometimes you go through all four seasons within the same day: brisk rain in the morning, hot afternoon, chilly in the evening and snowy throughout the night. When that happens, your skin can suffer from the drastic change and that’s what has been happening the past couple of months.

While my friend S and I were sharing our latest beauty regiments that helped us with our dry skin, she mentioned Frank Body‘s body scrub. You must wonder why I’m mentioning this product in my blog. It doesn’t have anything to do with books or drinking coffee. Well, Frank Body is actually an Australian coffee-based skincare that targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions. Aside from the fact that I love trying new beauty products, Frank Body is coffee-based. I cannot NOT try some of its products. Also, did I mention that everything is cruelty-free? :)

I visited their website Sunday night and placed an order immediately. To my surprise, the shipping was free to Canada AND it only took three days to receive my order. Frank Body probably has a warehouse somewhere in the country which would explain such speed and zero shipping fees.

Frank Body The Grind High Club
The Grind High Club

Since I didn’t know what to get specifically, I opted for their Sweet Cheeks ($49.95 CAD) bundle which consists of their full-size Creamy Face Scrub, Creamy Face Cleanser and Everyday Moisturizer. I also wanted to try their different body scrubs so I chose The Grind High Club ($22.95 CAD) in order to experience the different scents available: original, coconut, cacao and peppermint. The coffee scrubs come in smaller bags. Once I narrow it down to one favourite scent, I can choose to order the original size instead and enjoy a coffee moment in the shower.

I suspect that the post office may have opened my order to verify its content because all three seals on the carton tube packagings containing the scrub, cleanser and moisturizer were broken. Luckily, the coffee scrub bags were not opened.

So far, I love my experience with Frank Body. Their website is cute and very easy to navigate. Everything is carefully packaged and has a simple look, just like the ingredients used in their different cruelty-free skincare products. I cannot wait to start using these Frank Body products. I will surely post my review in a few weeks. Stay tuned!!

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