Café Humble Lion

CappuccinoI had been wanting to pass by Café Humble Lion for quite some time now but was never able to find the right moment out of my hectic schedule at work to go. I think at some point I told myself I was going to try their coffee before I head to the office in the morning but my love affair with my warm bed gets in the way of my early bird plans…every time. Luckily, I was early for one of my night classes last week and thought it was my chance. It might never happen again. I made sure I had the right address and made my way to coffee spot.

The majority of the comments and reviews that Café Humble Lion received online are very positive. I have to agree that the decor of the café is absolutely charming due to its simplicity. The barista that took my order was very nice though the only words we actually exchanged were “Hi, I’d like a cappuccino to go please. Thank you.” and “It will be $4.45…Here’s your cappuccino.” I think the fact that the she was polite, pleasant and all smiles gave me a good impression right off the bat.

The cappuccino I ordered tasted great and chocolaty. It was smooth and flavourful without being too bitter. The milk didn’t dilute the taste of the coffee at all but it did make my beverage rather lukewarm instead of hot. It felt like it had been sitting on the table too long in between sips.

Since I had at least an hour and half to waste before class, I wanted to sit down to enjoy my coffee and catch up on my readings. It was around 4:30PM and the place was a bit crowded. You had some customers sitting on the side by the counter against the wall, some were just standing around, drinking their coffee or eating their muffin while having a conversation with a friend or colleague. There were less than ten small round tables in the back and they were all occupied. According to Google, this café is busy from the moment it opens until closing time. It’s great for the owner but unfortunate for people like me who wants a nice spot to sit down and relax.

While I liked their coffee, the deal breaker for me was the lack of space and noisy chit chatters. Once all the stools and tables are taken, there is not much room for you to be comfortable enough to enjoy a coffee and read the newspaper for example. Unless you are there with a friend, you can easily just stand anywhere with a coffee in your hand and talk as if you were at happy hours. I prefer a place where I can sit and relax with my coffee…and obviously a good book. I would come back for a quick one to go before class; chances of getting a cozy spot to sit are very slim to none so I’d rather not get my hopes up and show up to be disappointed.

Café Humble Lion
904 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC  H3A 1G3

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